Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress Review

Is Emma's Diamond Hybrid Mattress your best friend?
Last Updated Apr 2024

I previously wrote about German company Emma Sleep's basic model, the all foam Emma Comfort Mattress. Today I'll be looking specifically at their premium mattress, the Emma Diamond Hybrid. After all, if diamonds are a girl's best friend, then I want to know what these buddies do for me in my sleep. 

I apologise in advance for the puns in this Emma mattress review. 

Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress

What we like
  • Very breathable cover which is machine washable
  • Emma's diamond and graphite foam layer is innovative and very efficient at dispersing body heat.
  • Every layer is targeted to address heat retention
  • Their customer service really lets them down
  • It's not an environmentally friendly bed


Where are their mattresses made?

Emma’s mattresses are manufactured in Germany and then exported to Australia. Although this results in a higher carbon footprint, I appreciate the fact that Emma chooses to produce their beds in Germany where their headquarters are located. This decision allows them to have greater control over quality assurance. Furthermore, Germany is known for its exceptional engineering culture, so it’s exciting to anticipate the next innovative mattress that Emma will bring forth. While I do wish that more beds could be manufactured in Australia, the choice to produce in Germany has its merits.

What is the Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress made out of? Are there detailed specifications for this mattress?

The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress offers a premium mattress that has been thoughtfully engineered  and designed. It comprises distinct layers, including the innovative Diamond Degree® Graphite Foam, which dissipates heat for a cooler sleep environment and uninterrupted sleep. The mattress uses Adaptive Comfort Foam that conforms to body contours, providing responsive comfort shaped to each individual. These work in conjunction with the strategic arrangement of pocket springs that ensure precise support and promote proper spinal alignment. The inclusion of HRX foam further enhances the mattress’s durability and resilience. Notably, every layer of the Emma Diamond Hybrid holds the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification, underscoring its safety for all age groups by ensuring the absence of harmful substances. Emma Sleep offers a 100-night sleep trial so you can see for yourself if this is the one for you!

Emma’s UltraDry Breathable Cover

The Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress is encased in in Emma’s breathable and washable cover. The breathability of this mattress cover works together for hot sleepers with the Diamond Degree graphite foam to allow air circulation, letting excess heat from your body temperature flow through from that foam layer. This is a removable cover you can chuck into the washing machine

With its innovative grey underside, this cover optimises airflow, keeping you feeling fresh and comfortable throughout the night. And guess what? It even comes with handy handles to make moving the mattress around a breeze.

I tried to find out what the difference between the UltraDry cover in this bed and the Fresh Air Comfort Cover in the Emma Comfort Mattress was, but was unable to find anything of substance. Both are removable, machine washable, and made of up a polyester (99%) with elastane (1%) blend on top, with polyester sides and a blend of polyester (87%) and polypropylene (13%) on the base. Both also have sturdy handles to make moving the mattress more convenient. Both work to be breathable and wick away moisture to keep you cool through the night. In short, I don’t think the cover in the Diamond Hybrid is a substantial improvement on that of the cover in the Emma Comfort. 

Diamond Degree Foam 

This particular layer is what makes the Diamond Hybrid truly stand out and gives this Emma mattress its distinctive name.

This 3cm layer is packed with a blend of diamond and graphite particles, an innovative combination that efficiently removes excess heat, giving you deep sleep that goes beyond the surface. Graphite infused foam works to maintain your body at the perfect temperature, promoting uninterrupted, rejuvenating sleep, and the Diamond Degree technology is a game-changer that was created in Germany. This layer also helps reduce motion transfer so you can have uninterrupted sleep.

Unfortunately, we don’t know the foam density of this layer. 

AeroFlex Pocket Springs

Each steel pocket spring is individually wrapped, allowing it to adapt to your body’s movements and provide superior breathability, which is better than regular foam mattresses. Not only do you have more targeted support, pressure relief and enhanced breathability, these strong springs make the Diamond Hybrid more durable as well and minimise partner disturbance. 

I tried to find out what the coil count was, and was told 840. I presume this is in a queen sized bed, but unfortunately cannot say for sure as the Emma customer service staff member I spoke to was not sure either. If the coil count is 840 for a queen sized, then this would meet expectations. 

Supportive HRX Foam

For the last layer, Emma Sleep have used 3cm of Supportive HRX Foam support the AeroFlex Pocket Springs. This high density foam is durable and serves as a tough base on which all the other foams, and your body weight, rest. It provides enough give, while not allowing any of the layers to fall through. 

Unfortunately, we don’t know the foam density of this layer.

Dimensions and weight

The Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress boasts a thickness of 25cm and comes in various mattress sizes –  single, double, king single, queen, and king. The queen-sized mattress has a weight of 32kg.


The Emma Diamond Hybrid is sold as a medium soft. I personally found it to be a firmer mattress, though slightly softer than the Emma Comfort mattress. Rest assured, it’s not as hard as diamonds. Stomach sleepers should still enjoy restful sleep with the support in this bed. 


Emma have used foam for the edge support rather than springs. You’ll be able to sleep right up to the edge of the bed and you won’t feel like you’re about to slip off when you sit on the edge of the bed. However, it’s not the best edge support compared to other hybrid mattresses that use springs with a thicker coil gauge along the perimeter. 

What was the buying experience like?

Purchasing online

Emma Sleep accepts debit and credit cards (Mastercard or Visa), or Paypal. Your card data is safely encryped via SSL. They have specifically said that they will not accept phone payments. Using their website or Emma Sleep’s official eBay store are the only ways to order an Emma mattress. You can also access flexible payment options through Zip or Klarna.

Delivery of the mattress

Your Emma mattress will be delivered to you free of charge, and if you live in metro areas, within 1-3 business days. If you are in metro Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide, orders before 10am on a weekday will even be delivered that same day! Outside of metro areas, your delivery will be between 5-10 working days, depending on your delivery area.

If you have a specific date in mind you’d like to receive the delivery, you should email support@emma-sleep.com.au after ordering. Metro customers will get a tracking link SMSed to you the day of your delivery to show the driver’s position throughout the day. Regional sleepers will be emailed a link to track the progress of the Emma mattress delivery instead.

We would suggest you provide Authority to Leave if there is a secure place on your property in case you aren’t at home. There have been complaints of some delivery issues, but the couriers partnering with Emma will make two attempts before returning your order to the warehouse.


The dimensions of the box for a queen Emma Diamond Hybrid is 45cm by 45cm by 110cm. It’s a light bed, but at 29kg we would always recommend that you not lift it alone, and find a partner to help you move it. It’ll slide out of your box with a cutting tool to help you cut through the plastic packaging. Unroll your bed and remove the plastic, then let the bed return to its normal size over 24-48 hours. There is offgassing, which is inevitable with polyfoam beds. It’s not terrible, but where possible make sure your room has good ventilation to let the gasses escape.

Customer Service

Email and form

I hoped that Emma would have improved on the customer service front since my last review, but no. There are many complaints about Emma Sleep in regards to their lack of support and customer service. I’ve sent multiple emails using their website form, but unfortunately I still haven’t heard from them what is now months later.

Perhaps I never will. 


The phone is your best bet if you want to contact someone from Emma Sleep. The first person I spoke to was a little hesitant and unsure, but she was more than happy to go find the answers for me and try to help. Unfortunately, it appears that Emma Sleep’s staff would benefit from a better understanding of their products. 

Warranty – Anything to watch out for?

They say diamonds are forever, and the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress is a durable mattress. Emma have a 10 year warranty policy to back it.

What is covered

The Emma warranty policy covers any permanent sagging greater than 2.5cm that is visible to the naked eye. It does not include the standard softening that comes with consistent use over time. 

You can use a electric blanket on the Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress, and this will not void your warranty policy.

What is not covered

Though Emma will cover cracks or hollows within the first 6 months of receiving the mattress, after that they will deem these damages to be a result of incorrect use, invalidating the warranty policy. After you purchase the bed, do take care to check the bed for these problems at least a few times within the first half year.

Warranty process

As soon as there is a problem, use Emma’s Return Portal or email support@emma-sleep.com.au to begin the warranty process.

Returns – How are the beds disposed?

So you’ve taken on the 100 night sleep trial, you’ve tried it with the free topper to soften the bed, but it’s not for you and you’d like to return the bed. The good news is that the mattress won’t go to waste! Emma have partnered with the Salvation Army, so returned mattresses are donated to people in need. Just use their Returns Portal to start the process. I’d also suggest calling them as well to make sure they know you’d like to make a return.


The Emma Diamond Hybrid is Emma’s premium model, and the quality of it is a bit better than that of Emma’s Comfort Mattress. Their customer service team still needs a lot of improvement though.

Hot sleepers will love the diamond graphite layer, and the airy structure that promotes air flow, preventing the mattress from retaining heat. If you’re a hot sleeper, then this bed could be the gem you’ve been waiting for, as every aspect of the bed has been designed with heat retention in mind.

Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress

What we like
  • Very breathable cover which is machine washable
  • Emma's diamond and graphite foam layer is innovative and very efficient at dispersing body heat.
  • Every layer is targeted to address heat retention
  • Their customer service really lets them down
  • It's not an environmentally friendly bed

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