Emma Luxe Breeze Mattress Review

Will the Emma Luxe Breeze help you stay cool and sleep well?
Last Updated Jun 2024
The Luxe Breeze mattress by Emma Sleep, previously named the Diamond Hybrid II, stands as one of the company's luxurious mattresses. Crafted to cater to hot sleepers, this hybrid mattress is designed for exceptional comfort and support. Its progressive firmness is achieved through proprietary layers of specially designed foam, memory foam, and pocketed coils, ensuring optimal support while adapting to your body's contours. Emma Sleep meticulously engineered each component to enhance breathability, body temperature regulation, and overall sleep quality, making it an ideal choice for hot sleepers seeking extra comfort through the night.

It's a high-end mattress with a matching price tag, but is it worth it? Let's dive in and find out! 

Emma Luxe Breeze Mattress

Our Verdict
Breathable hybrid bed, that really focuses on minimising heat retention.
What we like
  • Very breathable cover which is machine washable
  • Emma's graphite foam layer is very efficient at dispersing body heat.
  • Every layer is targeted to address heat retention
  • Could definitely do with more pocket springs.
  • The website is very confusing with the recent name changes.


When we think of the beautiful city of Frankfurt in Germany, we think of frankfurt sausages. Or at least, I do. But this city is so much more than hot dogs! Founded in Frankfurt in 2015 by Dr Dennis Schmoltzi and Manual Müller, Emma Sleep has grown fast to become an award winning box mattress brand in Europe. They now have sleepers in 21 countries across 5 continents. One of these is the Australian bed market in which they’ve made similarly big waves since their 2020 entry.

Where are their mattresses made?

Emma Sleep’s mattresses are manufactured in Germany and then exported to Australia. Although this results in a higher carbon footprint, I appreciate the fact that Emma Sleep chooses to produce their beds in Germany where their headquarters are located. This decision allows them to have greater control over quality assurance. Furthermore, Germany is known for its exceptional engineering culture, so it’s exciting to anticipate the next innovative mattress that Emma Sleep will bring forth. While I do wish that more beds could be manufactured in Australia, the choice to produce in Germany has its merits.

What is the Emma Luxe Breeze mattress made out of? Are there detailed specifications for this mattress?

The Emma Luxe Breeze mattress is meticulously designed with care and attention to detail, backed by sleep research. Each layer is crafted to improve comfort, support, and overall sleep quality. The UltraDry breathable cover, made of 100% polyester, efficiently manages moisture and is a luxuriously soft surface for you to sink into. The innovative Thermosync Foam, infused with graphite NanoCarbon™ particles, provides temperature control while the Edge-to-Edge Infinity Springs in the core offer support and reduce motion transfer. Every element of this supportive mattress is tailored for a better night’s sleep, with an emphasis on dispersing your body temperature and keeping the mattress cool for hot sleepers.

Every layer within the Emma Luxe Breeze has certification from OEKO-TEX Standard 100, so you know there are no harmful substances, making it safe for everyone including babies.

With a thickness of 27cm, it is available in various sizes, including single, double, king single, queen, and king. The Luxe Breeze weighs in at 32kg for the queen size, reflecting its sturdy construction and luxurious feel.

Emma Sleep’s UltraDry Breathable Cover

The UltraDry cover on the Emma Sleep Luxe Breeze mattress is crafted from 100% polyester, offering a soft, breathable, and comfortable feel. It effectively absorbs and evaporates sweat and includes robust side handles. The top cover is conveniently removable and machine washable, while the bottom cover is made of anti-slip fabric to prevent slipping, ensuring the mattress stays securely in place. The benefits and convenience of being able to toss the cover in a washing machine cannot be overstated.

Despite not being the most eco-friendly option, its luxurious comfort and ease of washing make it a fantastic cover for a premium mattress. 

Cutting-Edge Thermosync Foam

Right beneath the UltraDry cover is a 2cm thick layer of Thermosync Foam, specifically engineered with hot sleepers in mind. Featuring graphite NanoCarbon™ particles, this layer efficiently absorbs and redistributes body heat to maintain a consistent temperature, promoting better and deeper sleep for hot sleepers.

Emma Sleep claims that their Thermosync foam can provide a 22% cooler sleep experience for hot sleepers. They’ve incorporated this graphite infused foam into the Emma Sleep Luxe Breeze mattress to facilitate faster sleep onset and undisturbed rest by establishing an optimal sleep environment for hot sleepers. Developed by sleep scientists, Thermosync Technology effectively removes heat and moisture from the body, ensuring a consistently comfortable body temperature conducive to deep sleep for hot sleepers.

Unfortunately, we don’t know the foam density of this comfort layer.

Aerofoam Layer

The 1.5cm Aerofoam layer is specifically designed for hot sleepers, offering a breathable, open-pored foam that absorbs and distributes excess body heat. It enhances airflow to keep hot sleepers cool and dry throughout the night. This layer adapts to the body’s shape, providing pressure relief and minimizing disturbances from restless sleepers, making it ideal for hot sleepers seeking effective motion isolation. With its velvety soft feel, it creates a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep environment, adding significant value to the Luxe Breeze mattress for hot sleepers.

Unfortunately, we don’t know the foam density of this comfort layer.

MemoryAdapt Foam

Emma’s upgraded 1.5cm thick layer of MemoryAdapt foam enhances traditional memory foam with improved breathability. Enjoy all the benefits of memory foam, now with better airflow. This memory foam layer molds to your body’s contours, ensuring optimal pressure distribution and maintaining your preferred sleep position. Like traditional memory foam, MemoryAdapt is temperature-sensitive, softening and conforming to your body for exceptional comfort and a sinking sensation when lying down. It also minimizes motion transfer, reducing disturbances from a restless partner, and provides excellent pressure relief and support to keep your spine aligned. 

Unfortunately, we don’t know the foam density of this comfort layer.

SupportBase Foam

The SupportBase Foam provides excellent durability and consistent support, allowing you to shift freely  in your sleep until you find your ideal deep-sleep position. It ensures a stable and supportive sleep surface, making it a valuable addition to any mattress. This layer is 1.5cm thick. 

Unfortunately, we don’t know the foam density of this comfort layer.

Edge-to-edge 7-Zone Infinity Springs

While the 19.5cm thick Edge-to-Edge Infinity Springs in Emma Sleep’s Luxe Breeze mattress could benefit from more coils (there are only 570 in the Queen size), they effectively support your body weight and ensure comfort. Crafted from steel and individually encased in fabric, these pocketed coils are divided into seven zones to provide tailored support where it’s needed most, such as increased support for the shoulders and hips, which is especially beneficial for side sleepers. Emma Sleep has optimized the coil gauges for enhanced comfort and support across these distinct areas. Additionally, pocketed springs offer excellent breathability and movement isolation, reducing disturbances and providing pressure relief and airflow for a cool sleeping experience and optimal spinal alignment.

Combined with the ThermoSync graphite-infused foam layer, open-pored Aerofoam, and breathable MemoryAdapt layer, the Edge-to-Edge Infinity Springs effectively regulate temperature for all sleepers, making it an excellent choice for couples with varying sleep preferences.

Unfortunately, the coil gauges were not disclosed.

Dimensions and weight

The Emma Luxe Breeze mattress boasts a thickness of 27cm and comes in various mattress sizes – single, double, king single, queen, and king. The queen-sized mattress has a weight of 32kg.


Emma Sleep’s Luxe Breeze mattress offers a medium-soft feel, suitable for side sleepers who crave comfort yet is a supportive mattress for stomach and back sleepers. As you first lie down on it, it feels like a softer mattress, until you sink into the deeper layers. Tailored for individuals weighing under 130kg, this mattress accommodates a wide range of sleepers. Like many other mattress companies, Emma Sleep offers a 100-night trial period, and there’s also the option to purchase the Fliptopper for customizable firmness levels to suit your preferences if you prefer a softer or firmer mattress.


The Edge-to-Edge Infinity Springs are not specifically designed with different zones, but they still provide solid edge support. This design ensures that you won’t feel like you’re rolling off, even if you sleep close to the edge. The supportive mattress maintains consistent support across its entire surface, enhancing stability and maximizing usable space.

What was the buying experience like?

Purchasing online

Emma Sleep accepts debit and credit cards (Mastercard or Visa), or Paypal. Your card data is safely encryped via SSL. They have specifically said that they will not accept phone payments. Using their website or Emma Sleep’s official eBay store are the only ways to order an Emma mattress. You can also access flexible payment options through Zip or Klarna.

Delivery of the mattress

Your Emma mattress will be delivered to you free of charge, and if you live in metro areas, within 1-3 business days. If you are in metro Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide, orders before 10am on a weekday will even be delivered that same day! Outside of metro areas, your delivery will be between 5-10 working days, depending on your delivery area.

If you have a specific date in mind you’d like to receive the delivery, you should email support@emma-sleep.com.au after ordering. Metro customers will get a tracking link SMSed to you the day of your delivery to show the driver’s position throughout the day. Regional sleepers will be emailed a link to track the progress of the Emma mattress delivery instead.

We would suggest you provide Authority to Leave if there is a secure place on your property in case you aren’t at home. There have been complaints of some delivery issues, but the couriers partnering with Emma will make two attempts before returning your order to the warehouse.


The dimensions of the box for a queen Emma Luxe Breeze is 45cm by 45cm by 110cm. It’s not overly heavy, but at 32kg we would always recommend that you not lift it alone, and find a partner to help you move it. It’ll slide out of your box with a cutting tool to help you cut through the plastic packaging. Unroll your bed and remove the plastic, then let the bed return to its normal size over 24-48 hours. There is offgassing, which is inevitable with polyfoam beds. It’s not terrible, but where possible make sure your room has good ventilation to let the gasses escape.

Customer Service

Email and form

I had the best experience with Emma customer service that I’ve had so far. I used the website form on Emma’s website, and very quickly, Charmie was there to answer my questions. I’m reasonably confident she’s a real person and not a bot, and she answered most of my questions. For the ones she wasn’t able to answer, she referred me to the customer support team via phone or email, and I took her up on the offer. 

I received a reply to my email from Emma Sleep in one business day. It was polite and informative and I was very pleasantly surprised by how helpful they were. 


When I spoke to the customer service team on the phone, I was very pleased with the help I received. The representative was attentive, understanding, and honest about needing to seek answers. She put me on hold briefly to consult with other team members and promised to email me answers to questions she couldn’t address immediately.

Warranty – Anything to watch out for?

The Emma Luxe Breeze Mattress is backed by a 10 year warranty policy.

What is covered

Emma Sleep’s 10 year warranty policy covers any permanent sagging greater than 2.5cm that is visible to the naked eye. It does not include the standard softening that comes with consistent use over time.

You can use an electric blanket on the Emma Luxe Breeze mattress, and this will not void your warranty policy.

What is not covered

Though Emma Sleep will cover cracks or hollows within the first 6 months of receiving the mattress, after that they will deem these damages to be a result of incorrect use, invalidating the warranty policy. After you purchase the bed, do take care to check the bed for these problems at least a few times within the first half year.

Warranty process

As soon as there is a problem, use Emma Sleep’s Return Portal or email support@Emma-sleep.com.au to begin the warranty process.

Returns – How are the beds disposed?

So you’ve taken on the 100 night sleep trial, you’ve tried it with the free topper to soften the bed, but it’s not for you and you’d like to return the bed. The good news is that the mattress won’t go to waste! Emma Sleep have partnered with the Salvation Army, so returned mattresses are donated to people in need. Just use their Returns Portal to start the process. I’d also suggest calling them as well to make sure they know you’d like to make a return.


Emma Sleep’s Luxe Breeze mattress, previously known as the Diamond Hybrid II, offers a luxurious blend of advanced materials and thoughtful design. This premium product seamlessly combines layers of high-tech foams and pocket springs to provide excellent support and comfort. The UltraDry Breathable Cover ensures a soft and breathable surface, while the Thermosync Foam, Aerofoam, MemoryAdapt Foam, and SupportBase Foam layers work together with the pocketed coils of the Edge-to-edge Infinity Springs to regulate temperature, alleviate pressure, and reduce motion transfer. However, some may find the coil count to be a bit lower than expected, especially given the price. If you’re unsure whether this medium-soft mattress is right for you, consider taking advantage of Emma Sleep’s 100-night sleep trial to determine if it meets your needs.

Emma Luxe Breeze Mattress

Our Verdict
Breathable hybrid bed, that really focuses on minimising heat retention.
What we like
  • Very breathable cover which is machine washable
  • Emma's graphite foam layer is very efficient at dispersing body heat.
  • Every layer is targeted to address heat retention
  • Could definitely do with more pocket springs.
  • The website is very confusing with the recent name changes.

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