Eva Comfort Classic Mattress Review

Is this the best budget friendly hybrid mattress?
Last Updated Apr 2024
Eva's Comfort Classic Mattress (previously the Eva mattress) promises you dreamy comfort, which is a big call! Let's find out whether this hybrid mattress in a box with pocket springs, latex and memory foam lives up to the hype to determine whether this sleeping system (mattress) is for you.

Eva Comfort Classic Mattress

Our Verdict
If you are searching for an inexpensive hybrid mattress, Eva might be your bed.
What we like
  • High density foam layer is 60kg/m3
  • Great quality of materials, and great value for money
  • Fantastic customer service and delivery experience
  • Average edge support
  • The density of the gel memory foam layer is quite average


Eva Mattress was founded in 2017 by Melbournians who wanted to help Australians simplify the furniture buying process. Their mantra is ‘pretty simple living’, reducing clutter in the home, and being universal in their design.

Their mattresses are manufactured in China. The founders went to China themselves in order to tour factories and find one that meets their criteria on quality, ethics, and expertise. The factory they chose specialises in mattress making, as opposed to being a multi-purpose factory.

The design, sales, customer service, and marketing teams all operate out of Brunswick, Victoria. Before COVID, team members would regularly personally visit the factory in China. Overall, a tick in our books as they go above and beyond the efforts of other Australian box brands to ensure quality.


Eva’s Comfort Classic Mattress is a hybrid mattress consisting of a memory foam layer, high density foam layer then latex layer, and pocket springs in its support layer. All of this is wrapped in a polyester cover. We quizzed their Australian customer support team for further details on their mattress.

Overall, Eva’s marketing text is pretty transparent and to the point. Below is an explanation for each of their layers. The overall mattress system is well thought through, and balances quality with good value. This comfortable mattress is heavy, coming in at 55kg! One could argue that this is a good indication of quality. Some poorer quality brands can weigh less than 50kg.

Layer 1 – Gel Memory Foam

The 4cm layer of gel-infused memory foam gives supportive sleep and pressure relief to your joints. The gel aims to keep the sleeper at the perfect temperature as foams tend to retain heat. 

The density of this layer of memory foam is 25kg/m3, which is average compared to other brands that use polyfoam. Ideally, we would like it to be 30kg/m3.

Layer 2 – Premium Latex Foam

This second layer is the good, expensive stuff. Eva uses 2cm of Dunlop latex in this case as a transition layer. As a transition layer, the thickness is on par. The natural latex has OEKO-TEX certification, so it’s great to know that an independent third party has verified the foam quality, and absence of harmful chemicals. Dunlop latex is is naturally dust mite resistant and antimicrobial, and when formed with an open cell structure (like a honeycomb shape) will be softer and allow airflow.

A transition layer helps the gel memory foam layer be progressively supported by the lower layers of the mattress so as to not have the feel of a thin layer of foam on top of something solid. It’d be like sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag without a foam or air mattress.

Layer 3 – High Density Foam

For the last comfort layer, Eva uses 7cm thick high density foam rated at 60kg/m3. This is one of the best we’ve seen among box brands.

This means that even if the top layer sags a little, which is possible as it’s a layer of slightly less dense foam, it won’t be as noticeable because it is backed by a layer of strong high density foam, with a latex transition layer as well.

The quality of these materials sound promising, just from the thickness and densities alone!

Layer 4 – Five Zone Pocket Springs

Pocket springs when done right provide a solid foundation for the entire mattress, eliminate partner disturbance, and enable airflow for cooler sleep. Eva uses a coil gauge of 1.8mm and 1.9mm throughout each of their five zone springs, and the different zones help keep your spine aligned. The coil gauge thickness is slightly below average compared to other mattresses-in-a-box. In a Queen size bed, the coil count is 768 springs which is average compared to other brands.

What is the firmness of the mattress?

Eva rates the Comfort Classic Mattress at the “ideal firmness level” of 7-8 out of 10, making it a medium firm mattress. Yet most Australians prefer a 7, so some people may find it too firm. Regardless of your sleeping position, a medium-firm feel is a fairly safe option. 

How strong is the edge support?

Robust springs with a coil gauge of 2.2mm around the edges of the Comfort Classic Mattress are above average compared to other box brands.

A strong edge support is necessary to maximise the sleeping space of your mattress. Typically foam mattresses will struggle to provide strong edge support which can reduce your sleeping area. You won’t sleep too close to the edge if you’re worried about falling off throughout the night!

Will I feel my partner tossing and turning?

The Comfort Classic Mattress has minimal partner disturbance thanks to the layers it has in its construction. The fact that the comfort layer is foam, combined with a pocket spring support layer, means little motion transfer so you won’t really feel your partner tossing and turning unless they are right in your face.

Does the Comfort Classic Mattress sag? Is it a durable mattress?

A mattress will sag depending on a number of factors including:

  • The quality of the materials used (such as foam density and coil gauges)
  • Thickness of the materials used
  • The sleeper using it, including how they sleep, how much they weigh
  • How often you rotate the mattress

Whilst we cannot comment on your usage, based on the foam densities used and coil gauges of the pocket springs we know that the Comfort Classic Mattress has above average foam densities and coil gauges compared to other mattresses in its price range. This means that with proper care, it is less likely to sag compared to similar mattresses. We believe the Comfort Classic Mattress is comparably durable due to the quality and thickness of materials used.

To back this up, Eva also promises a warranty period of 5 years.

What was the buying experience like?

To purchase the Comfort Classic Mattress, you have to buy it online. There is no physical store or showroom. To overcome any hesitancy, Eva offers a 100 night trial period for the mattress! Realistically, it’ll take 30-40 nights to know for sure.

Purchasing Online

The Eva website is simple to use and easy to navigate. They support payment options from credit card (Visa, Mastercard and AMEX) to newer methods like Afterpay, ZipPay, Paypal and Google Pay.

Upon payment, you will receive a confirmation email with purchase details and an invoice.

Delivery of the mattress

Eva provides next business day delivery for metro areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

If you are in non-metro areas or other states, delivery times can take between 1-8 business days (with the exception of Tasmania where delivery times can take up to 10 days). Eva is unable to deliver to the Northern Territory.

When ordering, you are able to select the date and the time period you would like the mattress to deliver. On the day before it arrived, you will receive an SMS with GPS tracking.

Comfort Classic Mattress in a Box Unboxing

It is worth noting that the bed is heavy weighing in at 55kg for a queen sized mattress and 60kg for a king size. It is recommended that unboxing is done with 2 people to minimise the risk of personal injury.

Unboxing is quite simple. Take the mattress out of the box and place it on your ensemble or bed frame. There’s a marker on the packaging indicating which side needs to face up.

Eva provides a plastic cutter for unwrapping the bed. Once the plastic is removed, enjoy watching the bed come to life and inflate. Sometimes, it’s the small things in life like this that really make me smile.

Eva advises airing the bed for at least 4 hours before using it to get rid of any smells.

Customer Service 

Buying a good mattress is one thing, but what about customer service? 

Eva has 4 main ways you can contact them:

  • Phone
  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • Form on their website

We tested them all, and overall found their customer service team to be stellar. They were helpful and very quick to respond. Another great thing about the company is they are transparent and willing to share details about their processes. They tried to help with any questions that we had around the materials used in the mattress.

Calling Eva Customer Service

Eva’s phones are answered Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm AEST. Upon calling them, you are greeted with an automated voice message and you can follow the instructions with your keypad to direct your call.

Call waiting times were very short and the customer service representative we spoke to was courteous, polite, and helped answer our queries.

Live Chat

We had a live chat with “Kaya” on Eva’s website, and she’s actually a real person and not a robot – or at least, the robot was absolutely amazing and understood all my typos and strange questions.

Again the experience was helpful and the Kaya’s response was prompt. I was waiting only around 30 seconds between responses. There were also no waiting periods to answer the Live Chat.

Email and Form

Filling in the form on their Contact Us page, or sending them an email generates a “support ticket” in Eva’s system. We asked complex questions regarding their manufacturing process and found that Eva was fairly transparent. Other brands we have spoken with would use the standard line of “we do not wish to disclose this because it’s our trade secret”.

Warranty – Anything to watch out for?

Eva offers a 5 year warranty on the Comfort Classic mattress. We read the fine print and summarised the key things you need to be aware of. However please note, we are not lawyers and this is our interpretation and to be considered only as general advice. 

What is covered

Eva’s mattress warranty only covers for sagging and body impressions when it is greater than 3cm with no weight applied.

They also cover defects in terms of length of the mattress where it is shorter by more than 5cm.

The last thing it covers is the mattress’ failure to inflate after 60 days of use.

What is not covered

The key callout here is that they do not cover use for commercial, rental or business purposes. They only provide a 12 month warranty for those use cases. This means if you are looking to purchase an Eva mattress for AirBnB, they will only cover you for 12 months.

Warranty Process

We asked their customer service team what the warranty process is. If you wish to submit a claim, you are required to take photos and email them to their general inbox. Afterwards, Eva might send someone to dispose or investigate.

From what we have seen with other buyers who have had issues, Eva is more accommodating towards customers once they have provided photo evidence, and will be more than happy to organise a return, refund or replacement. This is a positive experience given other manufacturers and brands will go to the extent of sending an assessor to determine whether the sagging is 3cm or whether the defects were actually manufacturing defects.

Returns – How are the beds disposed?

Eva offers a 100 night trial for their mattresses and other products. It is also a (almost) no questions asked policy too! As long as you haven’t damaged, soiled or stained the mattress, they will accept free returns within 100 nights of purchasing the mattress.

To add to this, Eva donates the good condition mattress to charity so that the mattresses do not go to waste. At the time of writing they donate the beds to the Salvation Army.

Eva will ask you to fill in a survey so that they can continue to make improvements to their products. Once the mattress is picked up, you’ll receive the refund in 3 business days.

If you paid with AfterPay, Zip or Hum, the refunds are processed directly into your nominated account and payment plans are stopped.


Eva’s Comfort Classic Mattress is a solid sleeping system best suited for people who weigh between 60 to 100kg, and sleep on their back or side. It uses decent materials which improves the longevity of the mattress. The company itself is very transparent, and chatting with the customer service team has been a pleasant experience. At this price point, it is great value considering the materials used and the 100 night trial period. However, their mattresses are made overseas and not in Australia, which doesn’t help to support local jobs and businesses. Otherwise, it’s the perfect mattress! 

Eva Comfort Classic Mattress

Our Verdict
If you are searching for an inexpensive hybrid mattress, Eva might be your bed.
What we like
  • High density foam layer is 60kg/m3
  • Great quality of materials, and great value for money
  • Fantastic customer service and delivery experience
  • Average edge support
  • The density of the gel memory foam layer is quite average

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