Noa Luxe Mattress Review

The Noa Luxe is a hybrid mattress with a pillowtop that displays Noa's attention to detail.
Last Updated Jul 2024
Editor's Note: Noa Home is no longer operating in Australia. Please see our recommended alternative below!

Noa Home is a Canadian company with three offerings in their mattress range: the Noa Lite, the Noa mattress, and the Noa Luxe. I previously reviewed Noa's flagship mattress, the Noa mattress, and you can check it out here. I loved the Noa mattress, so today I'll be looking at their premium mattress, the Noa Luxe. Since my review then, Noa have increased their free trial period from 100 nights to a very generous 120 nights - essentially a 4 month trial. That shows confidence in their beds.  Let's see how this one stacks up! 

Editor's Note: Noa Home is no longer operating in Australia. Please see our recommended alternative below!

Noa Luxe

Our Verdict
An impressive luxury addition to Noa's range!

Editor's Note: Noa Home is no longer operating in Australia. Please see our recommended alternative below!
What we like
  • Luxurious pillowtop
  • 15 year warranty
  • Generous 120 night trial
  • Foam edge support not quite preferable compared to springs
  • Cover not removable for washing
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Noa Home is no longer operating in Australia :(
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Noa Home’s mattresses are “designed in Canada and responsibly manufactured with a leading factory in China…”, and are available in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK.

I asked how quality control is kept in a Noa mattress, and it turns out Noa Home’s co-founder and CEO has worked with their manufacturers for more than 15 years, and that these manufacturers are reputable. 

All materials used in the Noa Home mattresses meet the requirements for OEKO Tex Standard 100 certification, as well as REACH. Products and shipments are tested by SGS. It gives me peace of mind to know a disinterested third party, someone with a chemistry degree and a laboratory, give the Noa mattresses the thumbs up.


Marketing Mumbo Jumbo Translation

The Noa Luxe, like the original Noa mattress, is a hybrid design. This premium mattress starts with a euro style pillow top layer of Tencel, followed by a layer of cooling gel memory foam, latex foam infused with bamboo charcoal, micro-coils, transition foam, then lastly pocket springs divided across five zones, all wrapped in a high-end cover.

Pillow Top Layer – Tencel

Normally I’m a bit skeptical when it comes to pillow top mattresses, but my experience with the Noa mattress’ pillow top was great. The 3cm Tencel pillow top layer in the Noa Luxe lived up to the one in the Noa mattress. It gave me the right amount of plush and I haven’t experienced sagging months into sleeping on it which indicates there will be no issues with durability. I feel like I’ve been spoiled with a luxury hotel sleep experience.

The Noa Luxe has a hand-tufted Tencel fabric mattress cover, which is a luxuriously soft material that is at once antibacterial, has hypoallergenic properties, and is extremely breathable, all while being environmentally friendly. Unfortunately the cover can’t be removed and washed, so definitely use a mattress protector so prevent stains and spills damaging the bed. 

The tufted pillow top and hand-tufted side perimeter ensures that everything stays put. Your sleeping surface won’t wrinkle, and the durability is improved as the material inside the quilted pillow top area won’t bunch up or move out of place. And there are sturdy handles to make moving your mattress around so much more convenient!

Layer 1 – Cooling Gel Memory Foam

The first of Noa Luxe’s comfort layers is a 1cm layer of memory foam infused with particles of gel designed to disperse body heat throughout the night and keep you cool. Now, while the gel particles will draw your body heat away initially, gel particles simply conduct heat and don’t exude coolness in and of themselves, so this layer by itself won’t keep hot sleepers cool throughout the night. I also wonder how effective the gel particles are as well under the 3cm pillow top layer. 

Memory foam shapes itself around your body to cushion your body extremely comfortably. However, this layer is only 1cm thick. It’ll contour itself to your shape, but the mattress’s ability to support your body weight and keep your spine aligned will rely on the other layers of this bed. That said, there will be is zero movement transfer in this layer, so you won’t wake your partner up when you slip out to go to the bathroom. 

Memory foam traditionally retains heat, but Noa Home use an open-cell memory foam, and the porous structure of this foam helps reduce the amount of heat retained. Noa also claim that this foam is eco-friendly, which is surprising as it is a type of polyfoam, made out of petroleum based chemicals. Regardless, it is REACH certified, so we know that it has been independently tested and verified to have very low levels of harmful VOCs. 

Noa did not disclose the density of their foam.

Layer 2 – Bamboo Charcoal Latex Foam

This OEKO-TEX certified layer of dunlop latex foam is 2cm thick and has been infused with bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal prevents bad smells from sticking around in your bed, and also absorbs moisture so that you don’t end up in a pool of sweat. This super material has antibacterial properties and makes this layer of comfort more breathable than it otherwise would be. 

Also, this foam is open-cell to improve the breathability of this foam, which like the memory foam layer, naturally tends to retain heat. Dunlop latex foam is a fantastic foam as it’s responsive, firm and resilient and can relieve pressure from your spine and neck. It’s anti-microbial and resistant to dust mites and mold, and helpful for people who suffer from allergies. From an environmental standpoint, this latex layer is an eco-friendly material as it’s a sustainable resource and biodegradable, so that’s another win! 

Noa did not disclose the density of their foam.

Layer 3 – Micro – Coils 

This 3cm comfort layer of micro – coils provides deep pressure relief throughout your body by distributing your weight evenly and provides support where you most need it. These coils are individually pocketed in permeable mesh material that also allow air to move through your bed, keeping you cool, and because they move individually of each other, they also further minimise any movement disturbance from your partner. 

The Queen sized Luxe mattress has a whopping 1036 micro-coils. 

Layer 4 – Adaptive Transition Foam Layer

This 4cm transitional foam layer is also REACH certified, so you can have peace of mind from knowing that this polyfoam has minimal levels of VOCs. It provides a barrier between the micro coils and the pocket coils, but also has motion isolation properties so that you can have a restful night’s sleep. 

Noa did not disclose the density of their foam.

Layer 5 – Pocket Coils 

And now we come to the core of this premium mattress, the 17cm base layer of 2.00mm gauge springs. These thick gauge steel springs are divided into 5 zones to accommodate for the different needs of various parts of your body, so that you have ultimate comfort and support throughout the night. Pocket coils move independently of each other, so your body weight is supported most where it is most needed. The independent movement of these coils, in conjunction with the upper layers of this hybrid mattress minimises partner disturbance, so that you can enjoy a blissful night’s sleep, no matter how fitfully your sleeping partner sleeps.  

Noa have put a shocking 988 coils in the Noa Luxe, compared to the 609 springs in the Noa mattress. I’m not sure how they’ve managed to put almost 380 more coils into the same sized mattress, especially with the 9cm foam perimeter. This indicates that the coils are most likely more tightly wound and therefore more supportive. The Noa Luxe will also likely be more durable given that your body weight will be more evenly distributed across more coils. 

Layer 6 – Bottom Polyester Layer

I hesitate to actually call this a layer in and of itself as it’s simply the base for the rest of the bed to sit on. Nevertheless, this layer is 1cm, and is strong enough to support the rest of the layers. 

Noa Luxe mattress dimensions and weight

The queen mattress measures 153cm by 203cm, is 31 cm thick, and it weighs 55kg. The queen Noa Luxe can support a maximum weight limit of 300kg in total.

What is the firmness of the mattress?

The Noa Luxe is slightly firmer than the Noa mattress, and it comes in at a medium-firm feel on the firmness scale. The Noa Luxe will be perfect for all types of sleepers, whether you’re a combination sleeper, side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper. It’ll accommodate most body types. While some do find that it’s too firm for them, I personally felt as though I just dropped into a cloud thanks to the pillowtop and memory foam layers, so it felt luxurious for me. A mattress topper could be the solution, though if after trialing it’s not for you, then you should probably return it for a softer mattress. 

How strong is the edge support?

Similar to the original Noa mattress, the Noa Luxe sports a 9cm layer of polyfoam for perimeter edge support around the layer of pocket springs. This excellent edge means that you can enjoy the whole surface area of your bed, rather than restrict yourself to the middle of the bed for fear of sliding off.

Will I feel my partner tossing and turning?

Motion transfer is kept to a minimum by the memory foam, transition pads, micro-coils and pocket springs, so it’s unlikely you’ll experience partner disturbance.

What was the buying experience like?

Purchasing Online

Noa accepts Visa, Mastercard and Paypal, but don’t offer newer payment methods such as Afterpay or ZipPay. They also don’t allow you to pay in instalments or with payment plans.

Delivery of the mattress

Shipping is free! Noa uses a third party company to deliver their orders, and it is the deliverer who will contact you to organise a four hour delivery time slot. They will also text you half an hour before delivery, which is helpful.

For metro areas in Australia, typical delivery times are 2-5 business days, and between 3-10 days for non metro areas, depending on which state you’re in. Unfortunately delivery is not available for the Northern Territory.

The Noa Luxe will be delivered to your front door, and time windows are Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm. Orders can be held for 3 months for your convenience.

Noa Mattress in a Box Unboxing

Customer Service

The customer service team working at Noa Home are polite, and knowledgeable. Any returns are quickly and easily handled, and so long as you’ve given the bed a genuine go for 30 nights, they’re more than happy to honour the 120 night free trial period. 

Email and Form

Noa Home usually respond promptly, politely and helpfully to my emails within a day or two, but one of my email enquiries seems to have fallen by the wayside. Nevertheless, I ended up using the chat function on Noa Home’s website, and Ara was extremely friendly and really helpful with my questions. 

Warranty – Anything to watch out for?

Noa offers a 15 year warranty from the delivery date, which is a strong vote of confidence in their products. Make sure you use a proper bed base such as a slatted base that supports the weight of the mattress and the user, otherwise the warranty may be voided.

What is covered

Indentations in the foam more than 2.54cm deep will be covered under their warranty policy, so long as a proper bed frame that supports the weight of mattress and user was used.

What is not covered

As it’s a hybrid mattress with an innerspring layer, it’s not recommended to use an adjustable bed frame. Though not explicitly said, I would not be surprised if this were a reason for them to void your warranty.

Noa won’t cover physical or structural damages that arise from usage, and also won’t consider minor manufacturing flaws. Also, as long as the pressure relieving qualities of the mattress are still effective, you won’t be able to make a warranty claim for the foams softening.

Returns – How are the beds disposed?

Noa offers a 120 night sleep trial, but recommend you sleep on it for at least 30 nights to give yourself time to acclimatise to the bed. The mattress return policy limits buyers to one refund per address, and returned mattresses are currently exclusively donated to the Salvation Army.


Noa know that they’ve provided luxury at a great price in the Noa Luxe, and invite you to try it for 120 nights. This is an incredible bed with outstanding motion isolation thanks to the comfort layers as well as the pocket springs. Everything from the smallest micro coil, to the handles on the excellent edge of this bed, to the 5-zoned individually pocketed springs have been carefully chosen and optimised to provide advanced comfort. Treat yourself to a premium mattress, by bringing Noa home! 

Noa Luxe

Our Verdict
An impressive luxury addition to Noa's range!

Editor's Note: Noa Home is no longer operating in Australia. Please see our recommended alternative below!
What we like
  • Luxurious pillowtop
  • 15 year warranty
  • Generous 120 night trial
  • Foam edge support not quite preferable compared to springs
  • Cover not removable for washing

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