Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress Review

The Origin Hybrid is a fantastic mattress and great value for money, but what about the Origin Hybrid Pro mattress?
Last Updated Apr 2024
I recently wrote a review about Origin’s more affordable mattress, the Origin Hybrid. It was a great bed at an affordable price, so what about Origin's Hybrid Pro mattress?

The Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress is thicker than the first bed, at 30.5cm. It’s also made with sustainable materials and designed in consultation with sleep and health experts. Origin promises the ultimate sleeping experience with the innovative CloudLux® Technology found in the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress. This cutting-edge technology features HexaGrid and Graphite Layers that work together to regulate temperature, disperse heat, and create a luxuriously plush, cloud-like feel to help you get that beautiful deep sleep. Whether you’re a hot sleeper or simply looking for a more comfortable and supportive mattress this mattress is definitely worth a good look.

Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress

Our Verdict
This is a high quality mattress - durable, cool, plush yet supportive, and suits all sorts of sleepers. It's not the best value for money, but if quality is your priority, then this luxury mattress might be your best friend!
What we like
  • Luxuriously soft Cloudlux Pillowtop underneath Tencel cover
  • Origin's HexaGrid is great at regulating your temperature in summer or winter
  • Natural Australian wool layer which is soft, elastic, resilient, and great temperature regulator
  • Coil gauge isn't quite what I'd hope for at this price point
  • Foam edge support not quite preferable compared to springs

Who are Origin and where are their mattresses made?

The Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress is made in Malaysia. Developed by a German team with help from medical experts, it is designed to provide superior back support and comfort. These medical experts include orthopedic doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and sleep experts.

What is the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress made out of? Are there detailed specifications for this mattress?

Looking for a premium mattress that promotes healthy spinal alignment? Created with input from orthopedic doctors who specialize in the musculoskeletal system, the Origin Hybrid Pro is designed to keep your back feeling great all night long. And with a generous 120-night free trial period, you can try it out risk-free and see if it’s your happily ever after.

At 44.5kg, the Origin Hybrid Pro mattress is heavier and studier bed than the Origin Hybrid. It can also carry more weight, with the queen Origin Hybrid Pro being able to support 110kg more than the Origin Hybrid, so if you’re on the heavier side, consider shelling out for the Pro.

With CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certifications, you can rest easy knowing that the materials used in this bed have been rigorously tested and found to have very low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). These compounds can have negative effects on your health, so choosing a mattress that meets these high standards is essential. Plus, with objective third-party certification, you can have even more peace of mind knowing that you’re making a truly informed and responsible purchase.

Polar Silk Tencel Cover with CloudLux Technology

This mattress has a top cover made of Polar Silk Tencel fabric. Designed to regulate sleep temperature and keep you cool all night long, this innovative material is infused with cooling fibers that make it feel cool-to-the-touch. And with its smooth, silky texture, the Polar Silk Tencel fabric is sure to provide a luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience. This is particularly beneficial for hot sleepers who need extra heat minimization to have deep sleep. Unfortunately though, this is not a removable cover and cannot be machine washed, so take care to use a mattress cover. 

Under this Tencel fabric cover is the Cloudlux Pillowtop which offers a thicker and more plush pillowtop layer that feels luxuriously cloud-like. It provides exceptional pressure relief by conforming to your body’s curves, evenly distributing weight, and alleviating pressure points to help prevent and reduce back pain. 

Layer 1 – Graphite Crystal Latex

Origin uses a SmartClimate system within the mattress, and the Graphite Crystal Layer is a critical part of it. Latex foam inherently by nature traps body heat, which is why Origin have used graphite particles to dissipate heat as graphite draws heat away from your body. At room temperature, graphite is a fantastic conductor of heat, so that this layer can pull your body heat further into the mattress which is designed with optimal airflow in mind. By doing so, the Graphite Crystal Latex layer helps temperature regulation, while offering the comfort and support of latex foam. Latex foam also has the benefit of reducing movement transfer. 

Unfortunately, Origin did not disclose the density of this foam layer. 

Layer 2 – HexaGrid Plus Comfort Layer

Next is the HexaGrid Orthopedic layer which in the Origin Hybrid Pro is 5cm thick, compared to the 3cm in the Origin Hybrid mattress. The Hexagrid has excellent pressure-relieving properties, conforming to your body shape to support you, while cooling you and regulating your body temperature.

The Hexagrid is a proprietary foam layer that is shaped into hexagonal cells. It’s built to be firmer in the middle third so that your back is kept aligned as you sleep. Some side sleepers have found this layer to be a bit too firm for their liking, but back sleepers find it the perfect balance of comfort and support.

This layer is also infused with cooling particles infused with advanced cooling particles designed to keep your body close to the ideal sleep temperature of 18.3°C. If it’s a particularly hot night though, these particles will only go so far. What will truly help though, is the airflow through this layer as it will expand when your body is warm. When it’s cold though, it’ll contract to keep the heat close to your body.

This layer sets Origin mattresses apart from other mattress in a box brands. One thing I really wished Origin did however, was to specify what kind of foam the HexaGrid layer is made from. I think it’s quite safe to assume it’s a proprietary polyfoam, but it would be nice to have this confirmed. Unsurprisingly, the density of the foam was not disclosed.

Layer 3 – Natural Wool

This natural wool layer is the same as the one in the Origin Hybrid. Prized all the world over, Australian wool is renewable and sustainable, soft, elastic, and resilient, and helps minimise motion transfer. You’ll love its moisture and temperature regulation as it’s a great insulator so that it can keep you comfortable in cold or hot weather, while also wicking away moisture. Wool is perfect for those who have many allergies or sensitive skin, as it’s dust mite resistant, mildrew resistant, and naturally anti-bacterial. Yes to an Australian wool layer, especially when the quality is so good!

Layer 4 – ErgoCoil Micro-Precision Springs

The Origin Hybrid Pro has a layer of ErgoCoil Micro-Precisions springs. They are made to maximize comfort and responsiveness. Origin have put thousands of these springs into the Origin Hybrid Pro for exceptional support. These innovative springs are highly responsive, adjusting to your body’s movements and ensuring an uninterrupted sleep experience all night long. They are each individually encased in fabric pockets, like tiny pocket springs, so that partner disturbance is further minimised. 

Layer 5 – Cooling Cloud Memory Foam

The final comfort layer is the Cooling Cloud Memory Foam. It’s also a part of the SmartClimate system in this bed. Just like the Graphite Latex Layer, memory foam has a tendency to retain heat. However, Origin has addressed this issue by incorporating gel particles into this memory foam layer, which helps to counteract heat buildup. While these gel particles may not be the sole factor in creating a comfortable sleep environment, they could still be a helpful component of the mattress’s overall goal to regulate temperature.

Layer 6 – 7 Zone ErgoCoil Support Springs

The core of the Origin Hybrid Pro is the 7 Zone ErgoCoil Support Springs. These tempered steel coils have a coil gauge of 2mm, compared to the original bed with the 1.8mm gauge. Origin use high-quality pocket springs that are both strong and durable, providing the responsive support your back needs for a restful night’s sleep. These pocket springs are built to last and won’t sag over time, giving you the peace of mind that this is a durable mattress.

The pocket springs are coiled at different tensions across its 7-zone system, providing the right level of support and comfort for your head, shoulders, back, and hips. This ensures that each part of your body is properly supported, reducing pressure points and alleviating pain and discomfort. 

Each coil is also protected by highly durable tear-resistant fabric, ensuring that the springs remain in top condition for years to come. Additionally, pocket springs promote airflow and ventilation throughout the mattress, which helps keep you cool and prevents moisture and bacteria buildup. And, perhaps best of all, pocket springs isolate movement to the individual springs you put pressure on, effectively eliminating partner disturbance and ensuring an uninterrupted night. 

Origin claim that the coil count in their queen-sized mattress is around 2000, which sounds incredible but actually includes the micro-precision spring layer as well. Therefore I would not use this count to compare it to the coil count of other mattress brands. 

What is the firmness of the Origin Mattress?

The Origin Hybrid Pro is a medium-firm mattress, slightly softer than the Origin Hybrid mattress. No matter your sleeping position, if you’re on your stomach position, back or side, this level of firmness ought to be appropriate for you. 

How strong is the edge support?

The perimeter of the bed is a border of foam reinforcement which Origin call their D3 Edge Support. It’s adequate for you to sit on the edge and use all of the sleep surface of the bed. 

Will I feel my partner tossing and turning?

The mix of two spring layers, memory and latex foams, and the HexaGrid, along with the pillowtop layer, all collaborate to effectively minimize motion disturbance. There’s very little to no motion transfer. This means that when you go to the kitchen for a glass of water, you won’t come back to a cranky sleepy partner – unless you can’t tip toe properly. That’s something the Origin hybrid mattress won’t be able to help you with.

What was the buying experience like?

Purchasing Online

You can buy your mattress online via credit card, or via Paypal or Afterpay.

Delivery of the mattress

Origin provides quick delivery with any purchase within Australia taking between 1 and 10 business days to arrive at your door – all at no cost.

Origin Mattress Unboxing

At 44.5KG, you’ll need two people to move this premium mattress into your bedroom. There are handles on the sides of the bed to make it easier to maneuver. Take it out of the box, cut open the vacuum sealed plastic and allow it to puff up and retake its original shape.

Customer Service

Calling Origin Customer Service

There’s no phone number to call Origin on.

Live Chat

Apparently there is a support chat on their website, but it didn’t appear for me. So I used their Facebook Messenger chat instead, which honestly, was not the greatest experience. Answers came 2 hours apart, even when I asked a follow up question instantly upon receiving the first answer. And the conversation felt curt and stilted. I was directed to the FAQ page on Origin’s website, which didn’t answer the questions I had in the first place.

Email and Form

Unfortunately, my questions didn’t fare much better via email. While they were more polite, the answers I received didn’t seem to match the details on Origin’s website. All in all, a very confusing experience.

Warranty – Anything to watch out for?

Origin offers a 15-year warranty, so you know they’re confident the Origin Hybrid Pro is a durable mattress. To ensure your warranty remains valid, you need to use a bed base suitable for supporting the mattress weight and user weight; otherwise, your guarantee may be invalidated.

What is covered

Under their warranty policy, indentations of greater than 2.54 cm deep are covered if the appropriate bed frame is utilized that is capable of withstanding the bedding and user’s weight.

What is not covered

Origin will not accept responsibility for physical/structural damages caused by normal wear and tear, nor will they take into account slight manufacturing defects. As long as the bed is still able to provide the pressure relief it promises to, softening of foams is not covered under Origin’s warranty policy.

Warranty Process

To begin the warranty process, email enquiry@originmattress.com.au. They’ll need you to send them photos of the defects. Within three days of receiving your Origin mattress, you should inspect it for any damage or defects and report to Origin if there are any problems. After these initial three days, you won’t be able to attribute damage to Origin.

Returns – How are the beds disposed?

Origin will pick up your mattress at no cost, and upon pick up will refund your money to you. Instead of ending up in the landfill, these beds are donated to the Salvation Army so they can be put to good use by those who need it. It’s a great way to ensure that the resources are used productively and appropriately.


This is an excellent mattress. It’s durable, it’s high quality, it’s cool, plush yet supportive, and it’s a versatile mattress to suit all sorts of sleepers. It’s not the best value for money, but if quality is your priority, then this is a luxury mattress designed to give you a fantastic sleep experience. So take advantage of the 120-night trial period and see if this is the one for you!

Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress

Our Verdict
This is a high quality mattress - durable, cool, plush yet supportive, and suits all sorts of sleepers. It's not the best value for money, but if quality is your priority, then this luxury mattress might be your best friend!
What we like
  • Luxuriously soft Cloudlux Pillowtop underneath Tencel cover
  • Origin's HexaGrid is great at regulating your temperature in summer or winter
  • Natural Australian wool layer which is soft, elastic, resilient, and great temperature regulator
  • Coil gauge isn't quite what I'd hope for at this price point
  • Foam edge support not quite preferable compared to springs

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