Origin LumbarCloud Mattress Review

A luxury mattress with incredibly well thought out details to maximise comfort and support in all the right places, while also regulating body temperature to ensure ideal sleep conditions.
Last Updated Apr 2024
Origin's LumbarCloud™ mattress is their luxury-grade offering, featuring technology designed for exceptional joint comfort, alignment, and relief. The mattress places a strong emphasis on maintaining a cool body temperature throughout the night, ensuring a refreshing and comfortable sleep experience. Origin's goal is to instill deep relaxation, providing sleepers with soothing slumber to recover from the stresses of the day. It's a high-end option for those in pursuit of a top-tier sleep experience. Given the substantial price tag that the LumbarCloud mattress comes with, we have to ask if the LumbarCloud mattress delivers on all their promises? Read on to find out!

Origin LumbarCloud Mattress

Our Verdict
Origin has thought of everything in this bed from mattress coils, to improving their HexaGrid formula, and using wool, bamboo, gel particles, and graphite to keep you cool. if quality matters most, this luxury mattress could be your top pick!
What we like
  • The IceSilk Tecel Cover and pillowtop is absolutely divine.
  • Titanium springs that are designed with a high-tension bottom half and medium-tension top half, to allow for enhanced support and joint relief for all sleepers.
  • Origin's HexaGrid Plus regulates temperature year-round and offers targeted support right where you need it
  • Not the most helpful customer service team
  • Not transparent about foam densities

Who are Origin and where are their mattresses made?

Made in Malaysia, the Origin LumbarCloud Mattress is the result of collaboration between a German team and medical professionals. Specifically designed for superior back support and comfort, the development involved input from various medical experts, including orthopedic doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and sleep specialists.

What is the Origin LumbarCloud Mattress made out of? Are there detailed specifications for this mattress?

At 33cm, the Origin LumbarCloud is 2.5cm thicker than Origin’s Hybrid Pro, and 6cm thicker than their original Hybrid mattress. Each of the nine layers in this luxury grade bed is designed to work with each other for a sleep experience that prioritizes health, comfort, and luxury. It’s built to provide support to your joints, maintain spinal alignment throughout the night, and ensure you remain comfortably cushioned and cool throughout your entire night’s sleep. This bed is available in single,  king single, double, queen and king sizes. Let’s look at each layer! 

Layer 1 – IceSilk Tencel Cover

Origin’s LumbarCloud mattress is covered in a fabric crafted from Tencel, and has a soft and silky texture while being cool to touch. Tencel is a fantastic material sourced from sustainably sourced woods, uses non toxic chemicals in production, and produces such little harmful waste in the processing. It’s also antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

The cloud-shaped stitching on the surface of this plush pillowtop is designed to let you sink into the bed slightly, thereby “hugging” you and distributing your weight across a larger area for enhanced support to the back, hips, and shoulders. The IceSilk Tencel cover is made to conform to the spine’s shape so you can sleep with perfect spinal alignment. Additionally, the denser middle section gives the extra support that your back will need throughout the night.

Layer 2 – Origin ComfortCloud Fibre

The second layer of the Origin LumbarCloud mattress is the ComfortCloud Fiber layer, a blend of cooling microfibers. Designed for increased softness and elasticity, this layer alleviates pressure and stress on the back and joints. It efficiently distributes weight, minimises movement transfer, and strikes a balance of softness and density to deliver both pressure relief and joint support. It feels soft and luxurious, and supports you in all the right ways. 

Layer 3 – HexaGrid Plus Comfort Layer

The Origin LumbarCloud mattress incorporates an extra thick and plush HexaGrid Plus Comfort layer, an upgraded version of the HexaGrid layer in Origin’s other mattresses. This is a proprietary blend of polyfoam with cooling gel that has been shaped into hexagonal cells and is designed to keep you cool throughout the night. The channels between the hexagonal cells enable air circulation, expanding to release heat when your body temperature rises. In cooler conditions, these cells contract to retain warmth, ensuring that heat is conserved near your body. This design effectively dissipates heat during warmer periods while preserving it during colder times, maintaining a comfortable sleeping temperature regardless of the weather.

The HexaGrid Plus strikes a balance between elasticity and strength to give you support where you need it, particularly in the middle section. You’ll be snug and cool throughout the night 

Unfortunately, the density of this foam has not been disclosed.

Layer 4 – Graphite Diamond Latex

The SmartClimatePro™ Cooling System is designed to draw heat away from the body, channeling it through the upper mattress layers before dispersing it into the ambient environment so that you are kept at the ideal temperature conducive to restful sleep.

Origin’s LumbarCloud mattress incorporates a Graphite Diamond latex layer, which is a breathable latex combined with compressed graphite for enhanced thermal management. Graphite, a highly effective conductor of heat at room temperature, is chosen for its ability to quickly move heat away from the body. The compression of graphite narrows the gaps between carbon atom layers, boosting its conductive efficiency. Origin asserts that this graphite-enhanced latex is significantly cooler than traditional memory foam, offering a cooling effect that is tenfold more powerful.

Unfortunately, the density of this latex foam has not been disclosed. 

Layer 5 – Bamboo-Infused Wool

The LumbarCloud mattress includes a bamboo-infused wool layer, combining wool’s comfort with bamboo’s breathability and moisture control. This organically sourced, eco-friendly material enhances airflow for better sleep. Bamboo fibers in the wool help regulate temperature and moisture, offering a versatile sleep surface ideal for various climates and those with sensitive skin or allergies. Wool also minimises any movement transfer from your partner, and boasts natural resistance to dust mites, mildew, and bacteria, ensuring a durable and hygienic sleep environment.

Layer 6 – ErgoCoil Max Titanium Microsprings

Beneath the wool layer, Origin have the ErgoCoil Max Titanium Microsprings. This is a layer of tiny pocket springs each in their own little individual ravioli like pockets of breathable fabric. In addition to allowing even more airflow through the bed, they support each part of your body as required, so your joints all get the attention they deserve. These titanium springs are bouncy, supportive, and durable. Not to mention, they further minimise movement transfer, as each little microspring moves individually of each other. 

Layer 7 – Cooling Comfort Foam

With all the unique features in the previous layers, it’s easy to overlook the Cooling Comfort Foam layer that sits sandwiched between the microsprings and pocket coils. It does play a vital function though. This foam layer continues to draw your body heat from the above layers, and into the pocket spring layer below, with its open cell structure and infusion of more cooling gel particles. It also stops movement transfer from your partner, and provides support to the microsprings above, while protecting the pocket springs below. It might not be as flashy sounding as Graphite Diamond Latex, but Origin have designed this bed in such a way that each layer works together to keep you cool and supported. 

Unfortunately, the density of the Cooling Comfort Foam has not been disclosed.

Layer 8 – ComfortPlus Titanium Springs

The ComfortPlus Titanium Springs layer makes up the core of the Origin LumbarCloud mattress. It uses individually pocketed titanium coils with varying tensions across different zones to optimize support for each body part. Each individual coil is designed with a high-tension bottom half and a medium-tension top half. Furthermore, the coil gauge itself is thinner in the top half of each spring and thicker in the bottom half. This design allows heavier body parts to sink deeper into the mattress for enhanced support, while lighter areas experience gentler support. I am quite impressed with Origin’s innovation and creativity in rethinking the humble pocket spring. These springs are durable and sturdy, and can support back sleepers, stomach sleepers, as well as side sleepers. With an improved tension-to-weight ratio, these springs effectively alleviate uncomfortable pressure points and maintain proper spinal alignment, and also minimise motion transfer and allowing airflow through the core of the bed. 

Origin claim that the coil count in their queen-sized mattress is around 2400, which sounds incredible but actually includes the micro-precision spring layer as well. Therefore I would not use this count to compare it to the coil count of other mattress brands.

What is the firmness of the Origin LumbarCloud Mattress?

The Origin LumbarCloud is a medium-firm mattress, perhaps slightly more plush than the Origin Hybrid Pro. Despite the plush cloud-like feel you get when you fall into bed, the carefully designed supportive layers ensure that you can feel the right level of support in all the right places. This gives you a balanced and supportive sleep surface, allowing for a restful and comfortable night’s sleep. The LumbarCloud is suitable for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, side sleepers – in short, all sleepers.

How strong is the edge support?

An upgraded version of the edge support in Origin’s Hybrid Pro mattress, the LumbarCloud uses high quality foam which Origin claims to have a density four times that of the average.

While Origin asserts that the foam has a density four times higher than the average, it’s important to note the challenge in substantiating such a claim, as mattresses widely vary in their foam densities. Although it’s challenging to define an average foam density, a general preference exists for densities greater than at least 30kg/m³.

While unfortunately the actual density of this foam has not been disclosed, I can say that the edge support on the LumbarCloud is superior to that in Origin’s Hybrid Pro. Where it was adequate before, the edge support of the LumbarCloud gives you a robust edge that you can comfortably sit and sleep on with full support.

Will I feel my partner tossing and turning?

The extra layers of fibres, wool, foams, and individual titanium springs in both micro and standard sizes, all work together to significantly reduce, if not entirely eliminate, motion transfer. This means you’re less likely to be disturbed when your partner moves or gets up for the bathroom, unless, of course, they decide to turn on the light.

Customer Service

Calling Origin Customer Service

There’s no phone number to call Origin on.

Live Chat

Previously I wasn’t able to use the live chat function, but this time round I could! So I tried it, but unfortunately didn’t get very far. Jade started off quite nicely, but two more questions exposed the truth – she’s a robot. She tried, but ended up referring me to email or call their customer service team instead. 

Email and Form

Sadly, my email inquiries didn’t get me much further than Jade did. They answered extremely quickly, but unfortunately only answered 2 of the 6 questions I posed.

Warranty – Anything to watch out for?

Origin offers a 15-year warranty, so you know they’re confident the Origin LumbarCloud is a durable mattress. To ensure your warranty remains valid, you need to use a bed base suitable for supporting the mattress weight and user weight; otherwise, your guarantee may be invalidated.

What is covered

Under their warranty policy, indentations of greater than 2.54 cm deep are covered if the appropriate bed frame is utilized that is capable of withstanding the bedding and user’s weight.

What is not covered

Origin will not accept responsibility for physical/structural damages caused by normal wear and tear, nor will they take into account slight manufacturing defects. As long as the bed is still able to provide the pressure relief it promises to, softening of foams is not covered under Origin’s warranty policy.

Warranty Process

To begin the warranty process, email enquiry@originmattress.com.au. They’ll need you to send them photos of the defects. Within three days of receiving your Origin mattress, you should inspect it for any damage or defects and report to Origin if there are any problems. After these initial three days, you won’t be able to attribute damage to Origin.

Returns – How are the beds disposed?

Origin will pick up your mattress at no cost, and upon pick up will refund your money to you. Rather than contributing to landfill waste, these mattresses find a second life through donation to the Salvation Army, where they can serve those in need. It’s great to know that these beds are used productively and appropriately.


Origin claims that the LumbarCloud can help with back pain, but I can’t comment on that. What I do know is that this is a luxury mattress with a premium price tag for premium quality. The infused particles of graphite in the latex foam and the cooling gel particles in the HexaGrid Plus layer work to draw your body heat deeper into the mattress away from your body, and they are complimented by layers such as the wool and spring layers that facilitate airflow, which then allows the warmth to be dispersed through the sides of the bed. Try this luxury mattress risk free with Origin’s 120 night trial period. 

Origin LumbarCloud Mattress

Our Verdict
Origin has thought of everything in this bed from mattress coils, to improving their HexaGrid formula, and using wool, bamboo, gel particles, and graphite to keep you cool. if quality matters most, this luxury mattress could be your top pick!
What we like
  • The IceSilk Tecel Cover and pillowtop is absolutely divine.
  • Titanium springs that are designed with a high-tension bottom half and medium-tension top half, to allow for enhanced support and joint relief for all sleepers.
  • Origin's HexaGrid Plus regulates temperature year-round and offers targeted support right where you need it
  • Not the most helpful customer service team
  • Not transparent about foam densities

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