Sleep Firm Mattress Review

The Sleep Firm Mattress is perfect for those who love a solid mattress.
Last Updated Apr 2024

The sister company of Sleep Republic, Sleep Firm have come out with a hybrid mattress specifically for those of us who prefer a firmer mattress.

And when I say firm, I mean firm.

It won’t be for everyone. If you prefer a softer mattress, see our review for Sleep Republic here. But if firm comfort sounds like it’s your thing, then read on!

Sleep Firm Mattress

Our Verdict
Sleep Firm's mattress lives up to its name. It's rock hard (like my abs), but it's comfortable. It's definitely suited for those who'd love a solid firm bed.
What we like
  • It's a very firm mattress. No false advertising here.
  • Great at isolating motion, less partner disturbance!
  • Free delivery
  • Not suited for all sleepers
  • No next day delivery option

Who are Sleep Firm and where are their mattresses made?

It’s great to know that the Sleep Firm mattress is made entirely right here in Melbourne! Chiropedic is an Aussie mattress company with decades of experience, and they have collaborated with Sleep Firm to create an this distinctive mattress. It’s so rare to find a bed that is entirely made in Australia, and I’m excited that this bed supports Australian families and communities.

What is the Sleep Firm Mattress made out of? Are there detailed specifications for this mattress? 

This bed would be fantastic for heavier sleepers, as the exceptionally strong coils can support 500kg. It does mean that it’s a hefty bed though, weighing in at 45kg for a queen sized mattress, so don’t try moving this one by yourself! It is 203cm along its length, 153cm wide, and 26cm high. They offer a 100 night free trial period. Let’s check out each layer! 

Layer 1 – Bekaert Deslee Adaptive Fabric & Quiltec Foam

The sleep surface is made with the advanced Bekaert Deslee ‘Adaptive’ Fabric to provide you with a cool and dry sleeping experience. It is lightweight, soft and breathable for comfortable rest throughout the night. This sleep surface is designed to regulate temperature fluctuations so you can snooze comfortably every night. It responds to your needs, increasing the amount of moisture released in hotter temperatures. This helps with evaporation, keeping your sleep environment cool and dry.

Beneath the Bekaert Deslee ‘Adaptive’ Fabric is Sleep Firm’s ‘Quiltec’ foam which is responsive so that you won’t leave body impressions. Together, they make up a quilting fabric which is crafted using the Variable Pressure Foaming method, creating an open cell structure in the ‘Quiltec’ foam. This open cell structure facilitates greater absorption and dissipation of moisture in the sleep surface.

Additionally, the Sleep Firm has 3D Spacer fabric in the sides for optimal air circulation. This ensures that air continuously circulates through the mattress for greater comfort and better sleep quality. The 3D spacer fabric also has antibacterial properties to help protect against bacterial development and offensive smells.

Layer 2 – Boomerang Foam

The comfort layer is the proprietary Boomerang foam, which is tailored by Dunlop to be extremely responsive. Boomerang foam is 29 premium density foam, suitable for use in mattresses, GECA certified and approved by the National Asthma Council Sensitive Choice. It has a high rebound level to promote normal sleep movements and will stay firm, lasting a long time so it can support your body for many years. Eco-friendly, non-toxic, and treated with Ultra Fresh for anti-microbial properties, you can sleep easy knowing that you’re not breathing in anything nasty.

Layer 3 – ‘S+Pro’ 5 Zone Pocket Spring System

Here we get to the heart of the Sleep Firm, the S+ Pro 5 Zone Independent Spring System. It’s what makes Sleep Firm firm. It’s strong, it’s durable, and will go the distance, supporting any weight you can put on it. The 5 zones work together to support each part of your body the way it needs to be supported, keeping spinal alignment as you sleep through the night. You’ll also experience slight pressure relief from these springs in your shoulders and knees for comfort. Each individual coil is in its own pocket made out of N-100 Medical Grade fabric, and due to the springs being an individual coil system, you have little to no motion transfer. Plus, there’s a lot of air circulation through the 3D spacer fabric and coils, which hot sleepers will find much more comfortable, compared to a memory foam mattress. 

Sleep Firm have a high spring count, with a whopping 1092 springs in their queen mattress and 1326 springs in their king bed, far more than the coil count in the average spring mattress of about 800 in a queen. A high spring count means your body weight is supported across more individual coils, so you have maximum support for a very long time. Additionally, these springs are reportedly 42% stronger than those in the standard pocket spring mattress. These springs can handle a lot of weight. Heavy sleepers may not be well supported by regular pocket springs, and end up resting on the base layers. The S+Pro 5 zone pocket spring system gives you balance and sturdiness with minimal partner disturbance, so your partner turning over in their sleep won’t wake you up. With Sleep Firm’s maximum weight limit of 500kg, you can sleep easy. 

What is the firmness of the Sleep Firm?

You might have guessed from the name, but the Sleep Firm is very firm. It’s perfect for stomach sleepers and back sleepers. 

If you favour a different sleep position, such as side sleeping, you  may still find this to be a comfortable bed, but I wouldn’t recommend it to you straight off the bat unless you’re committed to buying a firm bed. My suggestion for you guys is to start with Sleep Republic first. If that’s not firm enough for you, take advantage of Sleep Republic’s trial period then try the Sleep Firm. 

Of course, you could also go the other way around and take advantage of Sleep Firm’s trial period. 

How strong is the edge support? 

Around the perimeter of the bed, 7cm of Boomerang Foam (the same foam in the comfort layer) boxes in the springs for edge support. This foam box technique lets you sleep comfortably right up to the edge of the bed without fear of sliding off. You can roll around the entire sleep surface, or sit on the edge of the bed to put your shoes and socks on! 

Will I feel my partner tossing and turning?

The pocket springs do an amazing job at isolating motion, so you won’t feel your partner moving throughout the night. Sleep on! 

Does the Sleep Firm sag? Is it a durable mattress? 

It is durable, and it doesn’t sag. The quality of the foams and springs in this bed are incredible. The springs are stronger than the coils in the average spring mattress, and are designed to be strong. The Boomerang foam too is a premium density foam, which means more foam particles in each inch of foam, which is indicative of quality. It’s designed to be immediately responsive, so body impressions won’t take hold. 

What was the buying experience like?

Purchasing Online

You can make your mattress purchase via credit card, as well as Paypal, Afterpay, Google Pay, and Humm Pay.

Delivery of the mattress

If you’re in Australia, you get free delivery service!

There are select Melbourne suburbs which can qualify for next day delivery, which makes sense given that’s where Sleep Firm is made. Other Melbournites can look forward to receiving their Sleep Firm within 5 business days. If your delivery address is in metro Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or Canberra, you’ll get it within 14 business days, while other parts of Australia will need to wait 21 business days. There are no weekend delivery times available. 

Deliveries will only be made to the ground floor, and they won’t bring the mattress inside or upstairs for you. Do note that Sleep Firm is a heavier mattress, so I’d strongly recommend you organise to have an extra pair of hands to help you out!

Sleep Firm Unboxing

Unfortunately, this bed does not have wheels, so if you have a hand truck ready, this would be a good time to use it. Otherwise, it unboxes like most other bed in a box mattresses. Pull it out of the box, cut open and remove the vacuum sealed plastic and give it time to resume its original form! 

Customer Service

Live Chat

Sleep Firm have a live chat service on their website which is fast, efficient and easy to use. Poleen answered all my questions, including about the foam density, and was extremely friendly, open, and polite. 

Warranty – Anything to watch out for?

Sleep Firm offer a whopping 15 year warranty, so you know they’re confident in the quality and longevity of the mattress. However, this is only valid for the original purchaser whose name is on the invoice. 

What is covered

Sleep Firm need to be used on a bed base that allows air circulation. If your bed base is slatted, make sure the slats are less than 10cm apart, and that each slat is not more than 14cm wide. Chiropedic’s warranty will cover more than 30mm sagging for the Sleep Firm. 

What is not covered

Chiropedic do not cover wear and tear, odours, and minor imperfections that don’t affect how the bed works. They also don’t cover comfort issues related to your preferences. Damage caused by incorrect opening, misuse or handling of the mattress will not be covered. Do not use bed bases with a curved, posture, or euro slat system. And, very importantly, be sure to rotate your bed, fortnightly in the first month, then once a month. Don’t flip it, just rotate it. For more information about rotating your mattress, check this out. 

Warranty Process

The warranty process begins by completing the form at, and within 2 business days you’ll be contacted by Sleep Firm. You’ll then need to have the mattress professionally sanitised and cleaned, and send Chiropedic evidence certifying this has been done. You’ll be sent a plastic bag which you’ll need to place the mattress in and seal up, before leaving it out at your front door on the scheduled pick up date. 

Costs of transportation will be covered within the first year of purchase, but after that the cost of transport is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Returns – How are the beds disposed?

Sleep Firm will donate any returned beds to charity, so please make sure that throughout the 100 night free trial you use a mattress protector. Sleep Firm require that beds are returned in as new condition, free of stains or damage. It’s great that new beds aren’t wasted in landfills!


Personally, as a side sleeper who is not much heavier than the actual bed, it was a touch too firm for me. Don’t get me wrong, it was still comfortable even though it’s the firmest mattress I’ve personally tried. When I lay on my back it’s heavenly. But I am primarily a side sleeper, and definitely not a stomach sleeper, so it’s not my favourite mattress.

The Sleep Firm isn’t a bed for everybody, but it’s not trying to achieve universal appeal. It is for the niche of sleepers who firmly want a firm bed, and boy does it deliver. It’s firm, but comfortable, so don’t fear that you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a rock. If you fall into the category of firm sleepers, then you are the target audience. I would strongly recommend the Sleep Firm for you, as you’ll enjoy the luxurious sleep surface, high rebound level in the Boomerang foam, the impressive spring count and excellent moisture dissipation. Give it a go – there’s a 100 night trial period so there’s nothing to lose! 

Sleep Firm Mattress

Our Verdict
Sleep Firm's mattress lives up to its name. It's rock hard (like my abs), but it's comfortable. It's definitely suited for those who'd love a solid firm bed.
What we like
  • It's a very firm mattress. No false advertising here.
  • Great at isolating motion, less partner disturbance!
  • Free delivery
  • Not suited for all sleepers
  • No next day delivery option

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