Sleep Republic Mattress Review

This award winner has earned its place in bedrooms across Australia.
Last Updated Apr 2024
Sleep Republic offer a hybrid design that starts off with a luxurious cashmere knitted cover encasing an upper layer of gel-infused memory foam (with a density of 60kg/m3!), a layer of natural dunlop latex, and a whopping 1850 tensile steel springs in their queen mattress split across 5 zones – almost double than the 1000 springs we’d be looking for in a queen innerspring mattress.

Sleep Republic Mattress

What we like
  • So comfortable, so supportive
  • High quality materials with dense foams and thick coil gauges
  • Incredible coil count, with 2.2mm steel coils around the perimeter
  • A 3.5cm visible sag is required to be eligible for warranty (deeper than most)
  • Hot sleepers might struggle despite the gel infused memory foam and ventilation holes in the latex layer


These guys have decades of experience in the mattress industry. They know beds. They’re experienced in designing, making, and selling beds. They have a strong belief in innerspring beds over foam beds, so they only offer one mattress for comfortable sleep – a hybrid mattress design with foams in the comfort layer and pocket springs in the support layer.

One thing I’m really impressed by is their transparency. They get straight to the point on their website about the different components of their box mattress and how they work together. On being asked, they were happy to give us many details, such as the density of their foams and the coil gauge on their springs. It was refreshing to not hear “this is proprietary information”. These finer details can really make a difference to the quality of your sleep, so it’s reassuring to know what you’re paying for.

Sleep Republic really believe in their product, and their free 100 night trial period shows that they want you to as well.


Though the Sleep Republic mattress has been designed in Melbourne, the manufacturing process is actually done in China. I had some questions about the quality of the product as China doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to transparency and quality control.

Sleep Republic takes quality control seriously. Their director physically visits the factory on a regular basis. This year has understandably been an exception, but there have been visual conferences and video inspections in this time. Additionally, an independent third party inspector will visit during each production run to randomly pick out a fifth of the products in order to inspect and review them to ensure they meet specifications and guidelines.


Cashmere Cover

The cover is made of “cashmere knitted fabric”. If that doesn’t sound absolutely luxurious, I’m not sure what does. What is it though, and what are the benefits of cashmere?

Cashmere is the hair of a cashmere goat. It’s a natural, biodegradable fibre that is all at once strong, silky, soft and warm, all properties that are really great for a cosy bed. It’s not the best choice if environmental concerns are a high priority for you though, as cashmere does have a large carbon footprint and isn’t the most sustainable of materials. In terms of comfort though, it’s a winner. Sleep Republic has blended it with 60% polyester which gives it elasticity and durability. CSIRO have tested this fabric in Australia and tested it to be clear of harmful chemical substances.

Layer 1 – Gel Memory Foam

The first layer in the Sleep Republic mattress is a gel infused memory foam layer 3cm thick. The cooling gel is designed to help regulate your body temperature as you sleep, and the memory foam will contour to your body to provide pressure relief as your weight is distributed evenly from head to toe. 

The foam density of this layer is 60kg/m3. Foam density is not a measure of how firm the mattress is. Instead it is more indicative of durability and to an extent quality, with higher numbers being preferred. For heavier sleepers, this is even more important as heavier sleepers will sink further into the bed if the top layers can’t hold them up. Though lower density foams have the one advantage of being more lightweight and easier to move around, here at Time to Sleep HQ, we’re more concerned about the durability of your bed than how portable it is. As the top layer of a bed will be more prone to sagging and breaking down, the foam density in this layer will be more important. Anything over 50kg/m3 is high density, so Sleep Republic’s 60kg/m3 gel memory foam is excellent.

The last thing to take note of is that this foam layer has been approved by Certipur-US, which indicates there are low VOCs (volatile organic compounds). VOCs are let off by many materials, both organic and synthetic. They include a wide variety of chemicals and may have short and long term effects on people’s health. The lower the amount of VOCs, the better, and this certification gives peace of mind.

With the beds being made in China rather than in Australia with Australian standards, certification by Certipur gives all sleepers peace of mind.

Layer 2 – Dunlop Latex

This dunlop latex layer is also 3cm thick. Pure dunlop latex is dense, which means it’s very resilient, durable, and supportive. However, it does retain more heat than other kinds of latex or polyurethane mattresses. To combat this, Sleep Republic have designed this layer to have thousands of ventilation holes. This helps with cooling by allowing air to flow through the mattress.

From an environmental standpoint, dunlop latex is the best way to go as it’s from a sustainable resource, recyclable, and ultimately biodegradable.

My main question with this layer is with regards to its lack of certification. If this layer is truly natural latex, then it won’t have any VOCs, which is great. However, there is no certification for this layer of foam by an independent body, so that is a bit confusing.

Layer 3 – Pocket Springs

Sleep Republic are proud of their spring mattress, and it’s easy to see why. Their high definition pocket springs are individually pocketed. With pocket springs, you have the benefits of springs (high level of responsiveness), while avoiding the negatives (namely movement transfer). You’ll get great ventilation, preventing moisture and bacteria building up. 

Sleep Republic have put 1850 tensile steel springs into their queen mattress – well past the expected 1000 springs. You want a high spring count, as this means your weight is distributed across more springs, meaning each individual spring bears less weight. Ultimately, this means stronger support and higher durability. For those of you who sleep with a partner, Sleep Republic virtually eliminates partner disturbance. Your partner getting up for a glass of water at night will only be felt by the particular springs they were sleeping on, and not by you. Goodbye partner disturbance!  However, a high spring count by itself does not a quality mattress make. Too many springs and the bed will feel too firm.

The springs are all made of high tensile steel for durability, so your bed is less likely to sag, and more likely to stay durable night in, night out, year in, year out. The springs have been divided into 5 zones – head, shoulder, hip, leg, and foot zones. For most people, you don’t need quite as much support in your feet as say, your shoulders and hips, especially if you’re a side sleeper. So it makes sense for Sleep Republic to recognise this and adjust their coil gauges accordingly. Coil gauge refers to the thickness of the wire used to make the springs, and in a Sleep Republic mattress, these thicknesses will range from 1.8-1.9mm, with 2.2mm wide coils around the perimeter to give you solid edge support.

1.8 – 2.0mm is quite standard among mattress manufacturers, so that’s another tick for Sleep Republic.

3D Spacer Fabric

The last feature in the Sleep Republic mattress is the side panels of the mattress – the black sides on the cover. While the top is cashmere fabric, the sides are “3D Spacer Fabric”, essentially mesh made by knitting various fibres together. This mesh is designed to help with airflow and ventilation in order to keep heat buildup to a minimum.

Sleep Republic Mattress Dimensions and Weight

Sleep Republic’s bed sizes are all in accordance with the standard Australian bed sizes, with the queen measuring 152x203x31cm and weighing 49KG. All in all, a very solid mattress.


The Sleep Republic bed is a medium to firm mattress. It should be right for most stomach sleepers and back sleepers, while some side sleepers may find this to be a tad too firm for their liking. Regardless of the type of sleeper you are, this bed is definitely worth a chance. 


As mentioned earlier, Sleep Republic have put 2.2mm thick steel coils around the perimeter of the mattress for a firmer edge. You can really sleep up to the very edge of the bed and feel just as supported as if you were sleeping in the centre of your mattress.


Purchasing Online

You can make your mattress purchase via credit card including Amex, as well as Paypal, Zippay, Afterpay, and Splitit.

Delivery of the mattress

If you order your bed from Sleep Republic before 11am on a weekday, they will usually be able to provide same day delivery if you live in metro Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, or Gold Coast areas. In the outer suburbs, the mattress delivery will be in 2-5 days, up to 8 days for some rural and remote areas. At the moment with COVID restrictions and high demands there are some delays, but they do try to give you fast delivery.

Unfortunately staff cannot enter your premises, so delivery will be to your front door. You can give Sleep Republic the Authority to Leave when you purchase the bed in case no one is home, in which case the delivery will be left in a secured covered area. Unfortunately, Sleep Republic won’t take your old mattress away, so that’s something you’ll need to figure out.

Sleep Republic Mattress in a Box Unboxing

The box has wheels. It has wheels. It has a handle and it has wheels.

Excuse me while I make a song and dance about this. Sure it won’t help you sleep better over the next 12 years, but it’s hard to carry around something that weighs more than me. So yes, dance I shall, and witness my excitement you shall.

Honestly I don’t know why this isn’t more common with box mattresses.

Sleep Republic includes a tool which allows you to cut through the tough outer plastic wrapping. There’s a second layer of wrapping as well that the tool will make short work of once you’ve settled the bed on your bed base. Remove this second layer, allow the bed a few hours to inflate, then lie down, close your eyes, and drift away.

Customer Service 

Email and Form

For the most part Sleep Republic were quite good about replying to my questions via email. They didn’t address my questions about foam densities even after asking twice, but my colleague had earlier emailed them asking for this information and got an answer then. They were polite and fairly prompt, replying within a few days.

Warranty – Anything to watch out for?

Sleep Republic have built their mattresses to last, so they offer a 12 year warranty against faulty workmanship or materials.

What is covered

You can use “any stable and level base substantial enough to support” the mattress. You don’t even have to use a base if you’d rather just put it on the floor. However, Sleep Republic doesn’t recommend posture or spring slat bases as that changes how the bed will work for you. If you use a bed base, it needs to have centre support. Don’t use it with an adjustable base as the bending of the mattress will make the springs squish into one another which can damage the mattress.

Sleep Republic will cover any sagging or indentations deeper than 3.5cm when there is no weight on the bed.

What is not covered

Wear and tear, odours, and minor imperfections that don’t affect how the bed works will not be covered under their warranty policy. Damage caused by incorrect opening, misuse or handling of the mattress will not be covered. Please note that if you use the bed for rental, commercial, or business purposes, such as Airbnbs, the warranty period is 12 months instead of 12 years.

Warranty Process

To make a warranty claim, you’ll need to email Sleep Republic at

Returns – How are the beds disposed?

Sleep Republic will send any beds that you return to either the Salvation Army or in for recycling. Yay for not simply chucking new beds into landfill! 


Sleep Republic know what they’re doing when it comes to beds, and their outstanding mattress confirms this. They’ve taken the best of foam mattresses, the benefits of latex mattresses, and combined it with the strengths of innerspring mattresses. 

That said, they have a one size fits all philosophy. I loved it, and I believe that most people will too. However, if during the 100 night trial period you aren’t convinced, return it and look for another one because there’s no changing the firmness levels on this bed.

Sleep Republic Mattress

What we like
  • So comfortable, so supportive
  • High quality materials with dense foams and thick coil gauges
  • Incredible coil count, with 2.2mm steel coils around the perimeter
  • A 3.5cm visible sag is required to be eligible for warranty (deeper than most)
  • Hot sleepers might struggle despite the gel infused memory foam and ventilation holes in the latex layer

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